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The year 2014 is CCNB's 22nd anniversary of campaigning for cycling improvements in Bedford Borough.

Cycling is fun - good for your health - great for your fitness - fastest mode of transport for short journeys - environmentally friendly - saves money on parking and fuel.

Bedford is already a cycling town and together with Kempston and the surrounding villages makes up a great cycling experience.

For highway maintenance problems contact
Bedford Unitary Authority Helpdesk - If the pothole is not reported, it will not be filled in.

For the latest information on the local highway look at Highway Information for links to the appropriate sections of the Borough's website.

For a summary of current Borough planning documents relevant to cycling look at Cycling Policies with links to the full documents on the Borough's website.

Hastingsbury (Kempston) Cycle Route Launch - June 1986

Great Denham to The Slipe Bedford Link Launch - October 2013

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